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Landscape 1

Visual Journal

Landscape 2


Portraits and Interiors

Landscape 1 - These paintings are more experimental. They may start from a memory of a place, aided by sketches and photographs.  Relying on intuition and partly lead  by accidental marks - paint runs and splatters with a mind of their own, it's an attempt to develop an interpretation of a particular place without stifling the abstract beauty of the spontaneous mark.

Landscape 2 - Paintings here are  naturalistic; made by direct observation or from sketches and photographs.

Visual Journal - These are views painted on location.  They are visual note taking; rapidly editing and summarising to record what was fascinating about a scene as it changes. These sketches are not for sale but used as reference for developing further paintings.

Nudes - Drawings and paintings made at weekly life drawing sessions with the Dashwood art group. It's an exercise in observing and describing forms and proportions using various media; but as the subjects are living individuals, they emerge as portraits with individual characters. 

Portraits and Interiors - These are made from direct observation on location.

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